Confucius Institute (Classroom) Book Donation Project

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I. Project Description

In order to assist Confucius Institutes (Classrooms) in carrying out their Chinese language teaching activities, Confucius Institute Headquarters will donate a certain amount of books to Confucius Institutes (Classrooms) according to the approved budget each year.

II. Application Procedures

1. Book Donation Quotas


????? Book donation quotas


Newly opened

?Already in operation

1. The order shall be submitted 2-3 months in advance in accordance with the annual teaching plan so as to set aside time necessary for book assorting and delivery. Only one order is allowed.

2. The annual book donation quota for a Confucius Institute in operation shall be appropriately adjusted in accordance with the number of registered students.?

Confucius Institute

Less than RMB150,000? Yuan/Year

Less than RMB50,000 Yuan/Year

Confucius Classroom

Less than RMB50,000 Yuan/Year

Less than RMB25,000 Yuan/Year

2. Application Processes

a. Log in the official website of Confucius Institute Headquarters ( and click on Book Donation to complete registration in accordance with the requirements.

b. Use the registered username and password to sign in the website, click on Categories to select books, and then add the selected books into the Cart. After completing the selection, click on Create Order, then fill in the required information and finally confirm the order.

c. For applications within the set quotas, the examination and approval shall be carried out jointly by the Division of Teaching Materials of Confucius Institute Headquarters, Confucius Institute Administrative Offices, and Division of Finance.

3. Book Assorting and Delivery Period

a. Book assorting period: normally 1-3 weeks, with more complicated orders requiring approximately a month.

b. Delivery method: by sea only.

c. Delivery period: 1.5-3 months.

4. Notes:

a. Check the status of an order: Sign in the Book Donation website and open Your Orders to view the status of the order. There are six different statuses: Order Awaiting Acceptance; Already Accepted, Waiting for Approval; Order Approved, Assorting; Assorting Completed, Waiting for Shipment; Order Shipped Out; and Order Received.

b. Sign for a delivery: The applicant, upon receiving the books, must sign for the delivery on-line and send the information sheet of Sign for Delivery to and

III. Contact Information of the Project Official

Division of Teaching Materials: Liu Shun (010-58595961)



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