Chinese Teachers to USA

  • 1. Application Process

    With the approval of their employer, the applicant should send the required personal documents to the foreign affairs office under the provincial department of education for preliminary selection and for interviews by American specialists arranged by Hanban.
  • Top2. Application Criteria

    Those who love the motherland, who observe discipline and abide by the law, love education, and who possess professional working ethics and high moral and ethical standards;

    Working teachers with a minimum of three years teaching experience at elementary and high schools, colleges, and registered private schools;

    The minimum qualification is a bachelor's degree in education, or in arts majoring in Chinese, English, or other foreign languages, or other relevant specialties;

    Have Chinese teaching qualifications;

    Have a good command of standard Mandarin with a certificate of Mandarin Chinese at Grade A, Class II at a minimum;

    Good in oral and written English;

    Experienced and skilled in foreign language teaching and class organization and interaction;

    Cheerful and optimistic, with lively yet dynamic teaching styles;

    Prepared to work and live in a new environment with different cultural backgrounds;

    One who can get along well with others and capable of working far away from families and friends when the stay is long;

    Have to be healthy, physically and psychologically, and meet the health standards for international travel.

  • Top3. Remuneration

    Hanban, will provide one round-trip ticket annually for the volunteer to go to the U.S. and return home;

    Hanban, shall provide the volunteer with living allowances and a one-time compensation for settling down in the U.S.;

    Hanban, shall pay for the volunteer's life accident insurance during their services in the U.S.;

    The American side shall provide the volunteer with either of the following:

    A. The American school shall provide part of the volunteer's salary so that the volunteer's total income will match the total income of a full-time teacher at the school. However the volunteer will pay for their own food, lodging and transportation.

    B. The host school shall provide the volunteer with free food, lodging and transportation during their working period; but will not give them any salary.

  • Top4. Responsibilities

    Abide by the laws and all the rules made for this program;

    Work 35 to 40 hours a week like a full-time job. This include various Chinese language teaching activities arranged by the American school;

    Devote efforts in spreading Chinese culture at the school as well as within the local community and serve as an envoy for Chinese culture.

    Getting along well with students, students' parents and colleagues, and are enthusiastic in all activities run by the school and community;

    Return to China as scheduled.

  • Top5. Schedule of the Program

    January and February: Signing up and preliminary selections within the province.

    March: Interviews.

    April: Notification of interview results.

    Signing contracts and preparing materials for J-1 visa.

    June: Pre-departure service training and visa application.

    July: Departure.

    September to next June: Providing services at a designated American school.

  • Top6. Contact

    Email: zhouzhichang@hanban.orgFax: 0086-10-5859 5957

    Add.: Division of New Initiatives and International Exchange, Hanban,

    129 Deshengmenwai St., Xicheng Dist., Beijing, China.

    Postal code: 100088

  • TopOverview

    The Volunteers to Teach Chinese in the United States program is jointly organized by Hanban and the American College BoardíóNational Council of State Supervisors for Languages (NCSSFL) and the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). Since its launch in 2005, 482 Chinese volunteers have been dispatched to more than 500 schools over 36 states in the U.S.

    Volunteers recruited will be sent to senior and junior high schools and elementary schools to teach Chinese language, culture, history, literature and other Chinese related subjects.

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