Vice Premier Liu Yandong Visits Confucius Institute at Bosphorus University

[Source]    Confucius Institute Headquarters(Hanban) [Time]    2017-04-21 11:16:46 

On the morning of Apr 19th local time, Vice Premier Liu Yandong visited the Confucius Institute at Bosphorus University and attended the ¡°Symposium on Chinese Studies in Turkey and Confucius Institute Development¡±, accompanied by Jiang Xiaojuan, Deputy Secretary General of the State Council, Zhang Ming, Vice Foreign Minister, Tian Xuejun, Vice Education Minister, Yu Weiping, Vice Finance Minister, Yu Hongyang, Chinese Ambassador to Turkey, Qian Bo, the Chinese Consul General in Istanbul, Ma Jianfei, Deputy Chief Executive of Confucius Institute Headquarters, Durmu? Ersin Er?in, Director General for Asia-Pacific Countries of the Foreign Minister of Turkey, and Mehmed Ozkan, Rector of Bosphorus University.

Liu Yandong being welcomed by teachers and students of the Confucius Institute

At about nine o¡¯clock on the morning, Vice Premier Liu Yandong and her delegation arrived at Bosphorus University. After raining, the campus was filled with fresh air. The young Turkish college students performed the folk dance that has over 800 years of history to welcome the distinguished guests from afar. A student presented flowers to Liu Yandong, and Liu Yandong kindly took group photos with the teachers and students.

A group photo of Liu Yandong and teachers and students of Bosphorus University

Liu Yandong and her delegation watched the achievement exhibition of the Confucius Institute at Bosphorus University, and then walked into the conference venue and shook hands with the representatives attending the symposium.

Liu Yandong watched the cultural display panels of the Confucius Institute

Tu Yishan, professor of Bosphorus University and expert on Chinese Yuan Dynasty history, Ou Kai, professor of Ankara University and expert on Chinese Tang and Song Dynasty history, Eyup Saritas, professor of Istanbul University and expert on Chinese ancient history and minority studies, Ji Lai, professor of Gazi University and expert on Chinese modern and contemporary history, Zhen Zhu, local Chinese teacher of Ankara University, Shi Meili, local Chinese teacher of Okan University, Kublai, doctoral student of the Confucius China Studies Program of Middle East Technical University , Yelada, winner of the Confucius Institute Scholarship of Okan University respectively delivered speeches, putting forward opinions and advice about further enhancing China-Turkey people-to-people and cultural exchanges, Chinese studies, and ensuring the success of the Confucius Institutes.

Liu Yandong pointed out in her summary speech that although China and Turkey are far from each other, the friendly exchanges between the two peoples enjoy time-honored history. Since the establishment of the diplomatic relations 46 years ago, especially in recent years, there has close communication at the top level, increased bilateral political mutual trust, and expanded exchanges and cooperation between the two countries. As the two emerging developing countries with ancient civilization and strong economic vitality, China and Turkey have broad cooperation space. Political mutual trust, economic and trade cooperation, as well as people-to-people and cultural exchanges are the three pillars of the China-Turkey relations. Among them, the people-to-people and cultural exchanges contain more long-lasting and profound meanings. Confucius Institutes build bridges connecting people¡¯s hearts by language, which plays an important role in deepening people¡¯s understanding of China and helping the world know about China.

Liu Yandong having discussions with some Turkish sinologists and teachers and students of the Confucius Institute

Liu Yandong brought up three wishes to the participating experts, directors, teachers, and students of the Confucius Institute. Firstly, continue to care and support the development of the Confucius Institute, so as to make new contributions to promoting China-Turkey exchanges and people¡¯s friendship. The second is to put more efforts in Chinese studies and Chinese teaching, gain more achievements, and cultivate more talents, making new contributions to improving exchanges and mutual learning among various civilization. The third is to think about how to deepen people-to-people and cultural exchanges as well as serve economic and trade exchanges, making new contributions to writing a glorious chapter of the ¡°Belt and Road¡±. Liu Yandong expressed that the ¡°Belt and Road¡± initiative put forward by President Xi Jinping aims to develop partnerships with the countries along the route, co-build a community with shared benefits, destiny and responsibilities featuring political mutual trust, economic integrity, and cultural tolerance. She hopes that people can think more, advise more, and do more work about enhancing ¡°Belt and Road¡± people-to-people exchanges as well as promoting Chinese teaching and vocational training, based on the historical background and the current cooperation of the ¡°Belt and Road¡±.?

At last, on behalf of the Chinese government and the Confucius Institute Headquarters, Liu Yandong announced to donate 2000 books about Chinese culture to Bosphorus University and invited 100 Turkish teenagers to take part in the ¡°Chinese Bridge¡± summer camp in China.

A group photo of Liu Yandong and the present experts

After the meeting, Vice Premier Liu Yandong took a group photo with the present experts to mark the occasion, and waved farewell amid the warm applause of young Turkish students.