Minister of Education Chen Baosheng Visits the Confucius Institute in Seoul

[Source]    Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) [Time]    2018-04-02 09:10:32 

On the morning of March 27th, Chen Baosheng, Chinese Minister of Education, who was on a visit to the Republic of Korea (ROK), made a special trip to the Confucius Institute in Seoul, during which he visited the exhibition of excellent education achievements, and unveiled the nameplate for the headquarter of ˇ°Online Chinese Proficiency Testˇ± in the ROK. Kim Hak Joon, President of South Korea Research Institute of Modern China and former Chief Press Secretary of the Blue House of ROK, and other guests attended the activities.

The Minister summarized the development course and future direction of the Confucius Institute in Seoul with ˇ°Five Functionsˇ±. First, the exploratory function. The Confucius Institute in Seoul, the first Confucius Institute in the world, is a pioneer in exploring the experience of developing Confucius Institutes worldwide. Second, the discovery function. The Confucius Institute should discover its value and needs in light of the local conditions. Third, the valuation function. The Institute should make the most of its brand value and exemplary effects. Fourth, the alignment function. The Confucius Institute aligns effectively the needs of local people for Chinese learning with what it can offer. Fifth, the innovation function. The Confucius Institute should pursue new path of development in a bid to cater to the new demand. He pointed out that all Confucius Institutes around the world should give full play to the ˇ°Five Functionsˇ±.

The Confucius Institute in Seoul, established in 2004, was honored with the award of Confucius Institute Pioneer Award by the Confucius Institute Headquarters in 2016.


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