2018 Lanna Expo Held in Thailand
Confucius Institute at Chiang Mai University Undertakes the China Pavilion to Promote Chinese Culture

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From June 22nd to July 1st, 2018 Lanna Expo had its grand opening at Chiang Mai International Exhibition and Convention Center. Wissanu Krea-ngam, Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, attended the opening ceremony. Nearly 500 people including Ren Yisheng, Consul General of Chinese Consulate General in Chiang Mai, representatives of Chiang Mai Province, Mae Hong Son Province, the governor of Lamphun Province, Consul Generals and Consuls from more than 10 countries including the US, Japan and the Republic of Korea in Chiang Mai, and about 10,000 local citizens participated in the opening ceremony. The Confucius Institute at Chiang Mai University undertook Chinese cultural exhibition at the China Pavilion.

Wissanu Krea-ngam visited the China Pavilion with keen interest after the ceremony. Consul General Ren introduced him design ideas of the China Pabilion, traditional Chinese culture, development of Chinese-funded enterprises in Thailand, and presented him the copy of Along the River During the Qingming Festival. Students from Chong Fah Sinseung Confucius Classroom presented Fishermen¡¯s Song at Eventide, classical guzheng music, and the Chinese ink wash painting Bamboo, winning the praise of Deputy Prime Minister. Against the background of ¡°China and Thailand, One Family¡±, teachers of the Confucius Institute offered wonderful traditional Chinese cultural exhibitions including Chinese knot, paper-cutting, calligraphy, traditional clothes and tea art. Under the inspirational guidance of teachers, little children and grey-haired foreign friends had immersed in the fun of experiencing traditional Chinese culture. Officials of Chiang Mai government and people from all circles of Thai society

The Confucius Institute at Chiang Mai University, under the guidance and assistance of Chinese Consulate General, had designed the creative pavilion for 2018 Lanna Expo. The institute selected unique Chinese name cards for the exhibition on both inside and outer walls, drew inspiration from Siheyuan (courtyard dwelling, a typical and historical type of residence in Beijing), and adopted enclosing structure for the China Pavilion, which demonstrates the cultural concept of openness and inclusiveness. Huge changes of Chinese people¡¯s living style brought by technological development such as new four great inventions, namely, high-speed railway, scan payment, on-line shopping, and sharing bikes had been shown on the background of the outfield with the theme of the ¡°Chinese Dream¡±. Special Chinese cultural elements such as giant panda, peking opera, Hui-style architecture, as well as blue and white porcelain had been exhibited in the infield. The whole exhibition demonstrated the theme of integrating culture and technology to drive the sustainable development of the country.

The Lanna Expo had lasted for ten days and will be concluded on July 1st. Taking the expo as an important opportunity, the Confucius Institute has actively promoted the Chinese culture by conducting cultural exhibition in different themes. The Chinese-style performance will be presented on June 30th for people all over the world to experience the appeal of the Chinese culture in multiple dimensions.

(Story by Sun Guangyong, people.com.cn Bangkok, June 25th)

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