Chinese Performance in Ingolstadt

[Source]    Audi Ingolstadt Confucius Institute, Germany [Time]    2018-07-03 09:05:12 

On the evening of June 24th, local time, Anhui Art Troupe, which is composed of the performers from Ma¡¯anshan Arts Theater, arrived in Ingolstadt, Germany. They presented a cultural feast integrating Chinese national opera, music and dance to the local audience. Christian L?sel, Mayor of Ingolstadt, Sepp Mi?lbeck, Deputy Mayor, Walter Schober, President of Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Mao Jingqiu, Consul General of the Chinese Consulate General in Munich, and more than 300 Chinese and German audience watched the performance. Audi Ingolstadt Confucius Institute engaged in the reception work in the performance planned by the Chinese Consulate in Munich.

Anhui Art Troupe performed some classical Huangmei Operas such as ¡°Female Emperor¡¯s Son-in-law¡±, ¡°Lantern Festival¡±, etc. and also played¡± A Moonlit Night on the Spring River¡±, ¡°Horse Racing¡±, ¡°Whisper of Pipa¡±, ¡°House of Flying Daggers, etc. on guzheng, dulcimer, erhu, pipa, Chinese bamboo flute and other national musical instruments. Artists performed Chinese traditional arts by Chinese folk music, Anhui¡¯s folk dance and Huang Mei Opera.

Huangmei Opera ¡°Female Emperor¡¯s Son-in-law¡±

Chinese Musical Instrument Ensemble ¡°Blue Mountains and Green Waters¡±

Huagudeng Dance ¡°Lovely Orchid¡±

Audi Ingolstadt Confucius Institute set up a booth to introduce its courses in the hall, which attracted many viewers.

Solo ¡°Whisper of Pipa¡±

Chinese Flute Solo ¡°The Song of Herdsmen¡±

Zheng Solo ¡°Red Morningstar Lilies¡±

After the performance, the Chinese Consulate-General of in Munich held the ¡°China Night¡± reception. Mao Jingqiu sang high praise for this activity in her speech, and extended gratitude to the municipal government and Audi Ingolstadt Confucius Institute. Christian L?sel said this performance had brought Chinese Ethnic Performance to the German local people. He also confirmed the positive role that Audi Ingolstadt Confucius Institute had played in teaching Chinese and promoting Chinese Culture.

Guests and cast

This event was covered by several Chinese and foreign media such as Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, CRI Online and Donau-Kurier.